Awards and Prizes

Research Prize (RP.MUA)

The RP.MUA is an honor bestowed by the Dean of the Manchester Universal Academy and its affiliates to individuals (students and faculties) in management and engineering who have made important contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the fields. The members presidential Committee on the RP.MUA is responsible for selecting award recipients.

Each year the Manchester Universal Academy sends out a call to the scientific community for the nomination of new candidates for the RP.MUA. Individuals are nominated by their peers with each nomination requiring three letters of support from individuals in science and technology. Nominations are then sent to the Committee of the MUA which is a board composed of presidential appointees comprising three scientists.

Thesis Prize (TP.MUA)

The TP.MUA in Science is given annually by the Manchester Universal Academy and its affiliates to authors of significant thesis in the fields of management and engineering. The prize currently consists of a certificate and in 2012 was $550 but has increased recently to $1000.