Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA is equivalent to a PhD in Business Administration. The DBA tends more towards applied research rather than theoretical research, especially during the thesis writing phase. Schools such as Harvard Business School, Manchester Business School, University of Florida, and IE Business School offer the DBA Research-oriented universities with DBA programs in the U.S. such as Harvard Business School tend to offer programs only on a full-time basis whereas DBA programs at research-oriented universities in other countries tend to offer programs on a part-time basis. Part-time programs allow someone to pursue the research degree while still working. Also, The DBA is a Professional Doctorate with the same status and challenge as a PhD. In contrast to a PhD, which requires students to make a significant contribution to knowledge and/or theory, a DBA requires the student to apply and develop existing theories/knowledge to make a significant contribution to professional practice in his or her area of business.

The MUA distance learning pedagogy does not imply painful memorization techniques. Instead, it teaches students to think critically thus increasing their intellectual capacity. It leads the student to a private and personal learning experience. What is assessed is the student’s thinking process and not data memorization.

The key to successful learning is in the type of mental process that takes place when we extract information from a text and how we have to reprocess and express it in the form of written work. Studying becomes an active phenomenon that enables comprehension (reading and search for data), new mental schemata (concepts hierarchy and interrelation) and input transformation (data reorganization and writing). The newly acquired thinking structures do not rely on classic memorization and help to increase our reasoning capacity and problem-solving skills. This intellectual improvement is permanent and ever expanding. Learning at MUA will not become just getting trained in our life, but should become a permanent absorption.

If a MUA graduate wishes to pursue a program at another university, he/she should verify first that the credits earned at Manchester Universal Academy are transferable. Many institutions are reluctant to accept credits from a non-formal distance education university and/ or from a non-CHEA accredited institution. Note that accreditation (including the one granted by CHEA–USA) does not automatically provide an acceptance and/or a validation of a distance learning degree, nor does it guarantee its acceptance by hiring firms. For these reasons, it is the student responsibility to check with his/her potential university and/or employer the acceptability of a MUA distance learning degree, prior to enrollment.

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