Manchester universal faq

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply at MUA?

–          Applying to MUA is very easy and free. You simply need to fill our application form on website and mail that to: Student@manchesterua.ac. After this, information of next steps will be sent you.

When does my online program start?

–          This information is available in the application form. You can start your online program once you have registered and paid the tuition fees. Of course, February, June and October have been set as launch date.

What are credentials of MUA?

–          If a MUA graduate wishes to pursue a program at another university, he/she should verify first that the credits earned at Manchester Universal Academy are transferable. Many institutions are reluctant to accept credits from a non-formal distance education university and/ or from a non-CHEA accredited institution. Note that accreditation (including the one granted by CHEA–USA) does not automatically provide an acceptance and/or a validation of a distance learning degree, nor does it guarantee its acceptance by hiring firms. For these reasons, it is the student responsibility to check with his/her potential university and/or employer the acceptability of a MUA distance learning degree, prior to enrollment. Although the MUA is fully online and his center is temporarily a shared office in England, But MUA is applying for national credentials. More information are available on website.

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