01 Jan 2014

Short Courses (SCs)

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In today’s fast-paced business world, it pays to be up to date with the latest techniques – and to be confident in your ability to apply them effectively. That’s why we have developed a variety of short courses, designed to match fresh perspectives with established practical skills. Here at the Manchester Universal Academy (MUA) we offer a range of short courses and part-time Academy qualifications for adult learners. We are currently accepting applications for the following courses:

- Business strategy

- Marketing planning

- Project management

- ISO (International Standards)

- Leadership

- Managerial accounting

- Construction Supervisory

- Green Building Construction

- Advanced Information Technologies for Enterprises

Registration: you can contact us with Admission Department and take more information

Duration: Varied depending on your course, from 1 day sessions to studying over 12 weeks.

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