Student Registeration

First You should verify first that the credits earned at Manchester Universal Academy are transferable. Then, Please ensure that you complete all of the compulsory sections marked* and all other questions relevant to you.
If you have any problems completing this form email:

1. Programme applied for

Level of study*
Full programme title*
Mode of study*
Start month*
Start year*

2. Personal Details

Title (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr etc)*
Surname / Family Name (BLOCK CAPITALS)*
First / Given Name (BLOCK CAPITALS)*
Date of Birth :*
Have previously studied at or applied to MUA?
If yes please enter your 7 digit MUA reference/ student number*
If you have been issued with a ten digit Unique Learner Number
If you are applying through a MUA Advisor please give the company name

3. Your current address

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Your contact details

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4 Essential additional information. All applicants to complete.

Country of Birth *
Country that you normally live in*
Nationality as it appears / would appear on your passport*
If you are currently living in UK/European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EAA) and this is not your country of residence, please state the date of your first entry to the UK/EU/EAA

5. Employment

Employment history (complete if applicable in date order starting with the most recent)*

6. References

Please provide details of two referees one, at least, must be an academic referee. If you are applying for an MBA/DBA you must include a work
referee, normally your line manager. Please note references from family members will not be accepted.


7. English Language

Please provide details of any English Language qualifications (e.g. GCSE/GCE 'O' level/IELTS/TOEFL/WAEC) that you have completed
or expect to complete. Please note you will be asked to provide evidence of these qualifications.

English Language

Education / Qualifications

* Qualifications (Please list below in date order starting with the most recent)

Education / Qualifications

10. Additional Needs

As an inclusive university, we want to provide the best support possible to a wide range of applicants, including those with additional needs. Additional needs include any disabilities or supplementary educational needs that you may have such as physical or sensory impairments; mental health difficulties including depression; specific learning differences like dyslexia and aspergers; and health conditions such as HIV, epilepsy, arthritis and cancer.
The information that you provide here will not be used to assess your academic suitability for the programme but to ensure that, if you are made an offer to study at MAU, we are aware that you may need extra support. At the point of offer, your details will be passed to the Disability and Dyslexia Advice Centre who will contact you regarding any support needs that you may have and to ensure that you have access to any additional funding for which you are eligible or equipment/software that you may require from an early point in your studies. If you would like further information about the Disability, Dyslexia and Access Centre, please contact them on :

Do you have any disabilities or additional educational needs?

11. Submission

We expect you to submit a complete and comprehensive application at the point of first submission. This will enable us to assess properly your suitability for the programme. It is therefore in your best interests to provide us with accurate information and to ensure that you are fully informed about the programme you are applying for and the commitments you would be making if you become a student here. By signing / electronically submitting your application you are confirming that the information provided on this form is complete and correct. Omissions or false statements may lead to disciplinary action for students resulting in expulsion from the University.
You will be asked to supply proof of the information submitted, or to otherwise confirm the details of this application, in person, at a later date. This will include providing proof of identity.

14. How we will use the information that you provide on this form

  • We will not share this information with third parties
  • We will use the information provided to make an academic judgement on your suitability for the programme
  • We will contact you with information relevant to your application and studying at MUA only
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